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NESSO 0.8-HP 115-Volt Macerator Effluent Pump with High Capacity at a Quiet Decibel

NESSO 0.8-HP 115-Volt Macerator Effluent Pump with High Capacity at a Quiet Decibel

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ANZZI’s powerful macerator effluent pump lets you add a complete bathroom almost anywhere you want — in your basement, shed, or pool house — without having to cut through foundations or floor or reroute major plumbing lines. The pump processes up to 2000 gph of waste and gray water from a toilet and two other water sources, like a sink and tub/shower. There’s no waiting once you flush; the pump takes just 3-5 seconds to process the waste and send it up and away to the sewer line or septic tank.

  • Like what you see? You can make this bathroom suite a reality with ANZZI
  • ALSO AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE (Search #) : Console Sink (CS-FGC001-MB), Sink Faucet (L-AZ012MB), LED Mirror (BA-LMDFXBT005WH), Shower Door (SD-AZ8077-01MB), Shower Head (SH-AZ101MB), Shower Base (SB-AZ103L)
  • INSTALL A COMPLETE BATHROOM ANYWHERE — pump lets you add a toilet and up to two additional fixtures including a sink, shower or bathtub in the basement, shed, or pool house, up to 26 ft. below and 197 ft. away to the sewer line
  • PUMPS AWAY WASTE — processes toilet waste and gray water, then sends it up and away to sewer line or septic tank
  • NO CUTTING INTO FOUNDATION OR FLOOR — installs to existing plumbing lines
  • FITS ANY REAR DISCHARGE TOILET — also compatible with standard toilets when trench installed
  • POWERFUL 0.8 HP MOTOR — motor drives stainless steel cutting blades that quickly reduce solid waste so it can be easily pumped away
  • BUILT-IN CHECK VALVE PREVENTS BACKFLOW —check valve between pump and discharge pipe ensures waste and gray water go only one way: out of the bathroom and into the sewer line or septic tank
  • SUPER QUIET OPERATION — 45 dB noise level is just above a whisper
  • FAST OPERATING CYCLE — one toilet flush processes in just 3-5 seconds
  • HIGH FLOW CAPACITY — processes up to 2000 gallons per hour/33 gallons per minute
  • BUILT-IN CARBON DEODORIZER — replaceable carbon filter traps odors
  • MINIMAL WIRING REQUIRED — just add a dedicated outlet, plug the pump in and you’re ready to go
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY — when you buy it, we back it, so you can be confident in the quality of our products
  • GET IT FAST — ships from warehouse within 24 hours of order processing
  • Professional installation highly recommended

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